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Everyone loves grilling, but, have you ever noticed that your grills are facing a problem of perfomance degradation with time going by. To keep your gas grill in top cooking condition, you should clean it thoroughly when you start to use it. And it also will help extend the life of your grill.



1. Pre-heating

Pre-heating the gas grill on high heat for 15 minutes. it will loosen any left over food and grease and make it easier to remove.


2. Turn the gas off

Turn the gas off using the valve on either the propane tank or gasline.


3. Clean grates

Clean the grates using a stiff wire brush dripped in water. Adding some dish soap to the water can help dissolve grease.

When you are done and the grate has cooled, wipe the grate with a damp cloth to remove any residue or bristles.The grates should be cleaned while still warm after each grill use to remove stuck-on food.


4. Coat grates

Once clean, coat the grates with a cooking oil or vegetable oil. It will help to reduce the amount of stuck-on food


5. Clean deflectors

Cleaning the deflectors with dish soap and water then dried with a towel. It will help to reduce future flare-ups


6. Clean burners

Next, remove the burners and any blockages using a stiff, wire brush. Burshing lengthwise may push more debris. Because rush, food and deris may cause a blockage.


7. Clean cook box

Clean it using a brush and warm soapy water while the cook box is empty.


8. Reinstall parts

Dry the burners with towel and reinstall them.


9. Clean extorior

Until now, your grill is clean enough, but please remember wash the outside of the grill. If it is a stainless steel grill, use a specially formulated stainless steel cleaner and a micro fiber cloth. After that, covering the grill for better storage.


NOTES:All the parts have a one-year warranty that is identical to most brands’ gas grill. It comes with an assembly manual, and you can download an owner's manual online. If you can't find the information you're looking for, you can contact with us via phone call or emails.