Propane Tank Safety


Safety always comes first while we are using the propane tanks.

For these grillers who have a gas grill at home, it is of great importance to ensure safety of your propane tanks.


Firstly, you should buy propane tanks from reliable dealer, making sure there won’t be safety problem at the beginning. Check the tank carefully, see if it’s in good condition, and do not accept the one with visible damage or loosing parts.


Secondly, the propane tanks must be stored outside on flat surface. Keep them upright and secure. That’s why gas grills are designed to keep the tank up and off the ground. Besides, you can use tank holder to keep it stable. Any flammable items should be kept away from the tank, and don’t forget to store the tank in some place that won’t collect water, since moisture can cause rust, which possibly leads to leaks or inappropriate tank functions.


Thirdly, everytime before using the propane tanks, remember to check for leaks. Some people might be scared of such things like propane tanks. As a matter of face, the propane tank itself is not dangerous, as long as you use it in a right way. The gas inside the tank will cause no danger. However, if gas gets out of the tank, that would be dangerous, as the flammable gas will explode if mixed with oxygen. Check the valve assembly, and turn off the valves whenever the propane tank is not in use.

Furthermore, inspect your propane tank monthly for safety and maintenance. If the tank is older than 12 years, it’s time to buy a new one. Or you can also go to requalify your tank for another 5 years.


As for the transport, you need to keep tanks upright, and remember to never leave them inside vehicles for extended periods.


Most importantly, keep the safety in mind, and always be cautious while working with propane tanks.