Gas Grill Maintenance


Finally you got a beautiful and perfect-performance gas grill. You spend pretty much on it and make savory meals to your friends and family, and sometimes even light up for a simple workday dinner. You enjoyed your time grilling so much, as it’s all about fun and fine food.


While having good time with your favourite cooking partner, have you noticed the importance of its maintenance? Do you know it well how to keep it under good maintenance?


A good maintenance will definitely help prolong your grill’s service life. You probably don’t want to re-search for another excellent-function gas grill that soon again, not even mention the extra costs.


As a matter of fact, there’s actually not so much you have to do to maintain your grill. Just follow the easy steps below and you’ll be ensured with years of great cookouts.


1.     Routine propane leak check. Safety always comes first when we do grilling. Therefore, check your propane leak regularly, say, monthly, is something really significant. Use brush to apply soapy water on gas line and connections to see if anywhere bubbles. Where the bubbles come into being, there exists the leak. When you found gas leak, replace the gas line immediately or tighten the connection.


2.     Regular clean up. Each time before and after use, it’s important to clean the grates, in order to remove burnt-ups, residues and grimes. Nevertheless, it’s still necessary to keep cleaning the whole grill regularly. You are likely to do that systematically together with the leak check. The main parts need to be cleaned include grates, burners, v-shape burner protectors, and bottom of firebox. Most of the parts are removable, so that you can wash them in soapy water. If you are not sure whether you can put them back in a right way, or you simply don’t want to remove them, you can also wipe the parts with damp sponge while they are on. Most gas grills come with a slide-out tray at the bottom, so that you can take it out and get rid of the entire gunk. After the cleaning, put the parts back as the manual indicates, and your grill will be ready to perform perfectly for another few months.


3.     Cover your grill. Many argue on whether it’s necessary to cover the gas grill. It actually depends on the area you live. If you are living in very humid places, it’s better to leave the cover off, or it will form a more humid environment and lead your grill rust in a faster way. As for those who live in less humid area, a cover on grill is certainly an easy way to keep your grill from rain, sunshine, and dirt.


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Treat your gas grill with some love and keep it under good maintenance, and it will surely love you back with appealing grilled results time after time.