A Comparison between 

Royal Gourmet® CC1830S and Char-Broil 18202078

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Royal Gourmet CC1830S and Char-Broil 18202078 are both charcoal grills with offset smoker. They are similar in appearance, design and even price. Do you want to know the advantage and disadvantage of each product? Let’s finish reading this short review article to help you find the answer.





Cooking Area: Royal Gourmet CC1830S VS Char-Broil 18202078 

For Royal Gourmet, its cooking space consists of 3 sections: 438 square inches of main cooking area, 183 square inches of side box, and 179 square inches of warming rack area. That totals to 800 square inches in the overall cooking space. What about Char-Broil 18202078? For this product, the cooking space only includes the main cooking area of 477 square inches plus the side box. Its overall cooking space only reaches 605 square inches with no warming rack. So in terms of total cooking area, Royal Gourmet CC1830S is nearly 200 square inches larger than Char-Broil 18202078; but in terms of main cooking area, Royal Gourmet is slightly smaller with 438 square inches than its counterpart with 477 square inches. 

Verdict: Which one is superior? It all depends on your personal preference and judgement. 


Storage Space: Royal Gourmet CC1830S VS Char-Broil 18202078 

We can notice that Royal Gourmet CC1830S actually provides plenty of food preparation and storage space with its front table, lower shelf, side table and the integrated hooks available. Its sufficient storage space makes customers quite impressive considering its compact structure. But when we look at Char-Broil 18202078, it only has side table and lower shelf available, no front table or hooks. There’s almost no food preparation space, let alone place for hanging your grilling accessories. In fact, you are merely able to place a small amount of BBQ supplies on its lower shelf. 

Verdict: Apparently Royal Gourmet CC1830S wins. 


Heat & Temperature Control: Royal Gourmet CC1830S VS Char-Broil 18202078 

Cooking different types of food requires different temperature. How do we adjust and control heat and temperature on a charcoal grill? There are basically these following methods: regulate the air vent, and adjust the distance between food and charcoal. For Royal Gourmet CC1830S, it comes with a stack on the lid and a damper on the side box. This ensures easy control of air flow. In addition, the charcoal pan is height-adjustable. Its lifting handle enables you to raise or lower the charcoal pan to 2 different levels. Thus you can easily decide whether you need the temperature to be low or high. How about Char-Broil 18202078? It also includes a stack on the lid and an air vent on the side box, but we don’t notice that it has a height-adjustable charcoal pan in the item description. 

Verdict: Obviously Royal Gourmet CC1830S wins. 



Heat Retaining: Royal Gourmet CC1830S VS Char-Broil 18202078 

Char-Broil 18202078 boasts a 3-pieces smoking chamber, which helps eliminate air loss and retain heat better. Therefore, you can expect food to be cooked through more quickly. However, Royal Gourmet CC1830S doesn’t have this feature. Despite of this, Royal Gourmet CC1830S boasts seamless connection between side smoker and main chamber, which greatly shortens the heat-up time and makes cooking more efficient. 

Verdict: Almost the same.


Warranty Period

The warranty period for both is the same, which is one year for each.