On Which Day Do You Prefer to Grill?

--- Most Popular Holidays for Grilling inAmerica


Fourth of July comes first, definitely!


According to the recent survey among grillers, being asked which holiday would they surely do a barbecue grilling, the most answers go for the Independence Day.


Probably the answer is obvious. It is all agreed that summer is the hottest grilling season. A sunny day, a decent hunk of grilled results, and a bottle of cold beer, nothing could be more perfect. Moreover, as one of the most important legal holiday inAmerica, it is significant celebrating the Fourth of July, and food is of course a great way.


The Memorial Day follows closely. As an important federal holiday inAmerica, Memorial Day comes on last Monday of May, which gives grillers a three-day vacation for enjoying outdoor cooking. In addition, the holiday is also seen as an unofficial start of grilling season.


Labor Day comes at the beginning of September, when the temperature started to fall down. Like many people said, it is considered as the unofficial ending of grilling season. The weather is still nice but will started becoming less. And many grillers would not hesitate raising the lid for enjoying the cooking time as well as the appealing results.


It is noticeable that both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are high rated holidays for grilling. There are plenty of grillers stating that they will do barbecue grilling on these holidays, considering the pleasant weather and the importance of family gathering.


With the best grilling season on the way, have you come up with some special recipes? And on which day will you certainly light your grill up?


In my opinion, everyday is a grilling day!