Cocktails You Can Serve at a BBQ Party


Summer is not only a prime grilling season, but also a perfect time to enjoy cool cocktails. With the weather becoming warmer and summer just around the corner, get ready for some cocktail recipes for your next BBQ party!



Grilled Peach Cocktail


Except being served as a dessert or side dish, the grilled fruit can also be used in making a cocktail. First off, you need to prepare some beautifully grilled pieces of peach, a little thyme.


Muddle the thyme with 2 or 3 grilled peaches. In a shaker filled with ice cubes, add some sugar (e.g. 2 tbsp) and some fresh lemon juice (e.g. half a lemon), a shot of bourbon. The amount of ingredients are all adjustable, cause you are doing it for your home party. There’re no rules at home!


Shake it well, and serve it with a glass filled with ice, topping with club soda. A lovely cocktail is then simply made, just perfect together with the grilled food.


In addition, you can add some pieces of these peaches with wonderful grill marks, and garnish with fresh thyme.



Dark and Stormy


It’s another easy-to-make cocktail which would be a big bang in your BBQ party.


You’ll need ginger, dark rum, lemon juice. The key is to make sure all ingredients are fresh.

Take fresh gingers and have them smashed. Then mix it with ice cubes and smash again. Add some fresh lemon juice, a little sugar, and dark rum. As for dark rum, I would prefer Kraken or Mount Gay. But of course any other kinds of dark rum are also fine. Just adjust the amount accordingly, it’s all about preference.


Shake it well, and then a beautiful refreshing drink is perfectly done. Don’t forget to add a little mint.



Beer Berry Sangria


Another super simple cocktail to make for your BBQ party, and will surely please the ladies.

You’ll need beer, vodka, some berries (e.g. strawberry, blueberry, raspberry), lemon soda, sliced lemon and orange, and a little sugar.


Prepare a big glass first, so that you can mix all the ingredients. Take the vodka first, a shot or two, depending on how much you like it, and mix it with some sugar. Put the berries in. Try to get creative, you can use different berries. Then, add beer, and any beer would be fine.


Add lemon soda, sliced fruits and a lot of ice. Keep stirring so that they are mixed well.


In the end, you just need to take it and enjoy!


How can a great summer party lack of these refreshing drinks, especially they are so easy to make! Now wait no more, get all the ingredients done and start doing! Flavorful grilled food together with nice cool drinks makes perfection.