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Tailgating is favored by most Americans, especially during football seasons. Actually tailgating has long been a part of football tradition. Then what rules can we follow to throw an organized and joyful tailgating party? Here are several tips you can consider to follow.





Get Everything Ready before Tailgating. Prepare anything you can before the fun event starts. This will leave you plenty of time having fun with your friends during the party, and allow you to be less distracted by cooking troubles. Apart from preparation of all that related to food and eating, you can prepare such equipment as seating, tables, beverages, pop-up tent or canopy for the sake of comfort. Of course, if you don’t host such event very often, it’s a good idea to consider rental of a tent or canopy. 



Help Your Guests Locate the Venue Easily. For a party to be held in a large parking lot, make sure your guests know your exact location and can find you easily. If they have your contact number, they’ll be able to locate effortless. To make it much easier, You can even set some noticeable mark or signal at the venue to facilitate locating. Another thing is that always remember to confirm tailgating regulations with your guests ahead of the party. This is very important.


Make Sure Beverage is Ready to Entertain Guests. Show your hospitality and welcome guests with a beverage when they show up. Nonalcoholic drinks can be a good option too, especially bottled water. But do remember to avoid keeping cold beverages in the same cooler where perishable foods are also kept. To be more considerate, you can even tie a bottle opener nearby.   



Make Sure Sufficient Fuel is Available at Hand. It will never be wrong to prepare more fuel than you think you need, because you don’t want to see you are running out of fuel in the middle of the grilling. That will put a damper on your whole party. Besides, if you are burning charcoal, remember to dispose of the ashes safely to avoid fire hazard. 



Prepare Disposable Foil Pans. Remember to prepare disposable foil pans which are necessary for carrying and reheating foods brought from home. Such foil pans can be found at a restaurant supply house. While you are there, we strongly recommend you also pick some beverage and take-out containers, which are ideal and helpful for packing leftovers. 



Test If the Grill is of Suitable Size for Tailgating. Do the experiment on your tailgating grill at home well in advance, to see if the grill size is suitable or not. If it’s too small, you may need to replace with a larger one or even prepare a second one. Alternatively, you can cook meat at your home and then bring it to the venue for reheating only. That will save you much time and energy at the party. 




Watch Out for Safety. While you are eating and enjoying, don’t forget that safety issues should always be held as the priority. For instance, always remember to turn off the grill after you’ve finished grilling. Though this seems a simple step, still a lot of people tend to neglect this when they are exposed to a joyful atmosphere.