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Royal Gourmet® GB5000S 5-Burner Gas Griddle Stainless Steel

GB5000S UPC:859098006865

Let Royal Gourmet® Regal 5-Burner Gas Grill Griddle help you make easy breakfast like pancakes or delicious dinners. It has a stainless-steel structure on the main body and four stable legs. Five independently-controlled burners each has 13,000 BTUs output, totaling 65,000 BTUs, fired by piezo ignition system that makes a reliable spark at every push. The stainless-steel inline tube burners rest under a proper distance from griddle top, thus providing excellent heat distribution for your food. Fold-down side tables offer temporary space for you to have multiple tools, seasonings, plates put on with ease. The removable oil pan, fixed on the side shelf, makes cleanup job just a cinch. This grill comes with a tank secure place on the bottom shelf and has a two-layer grid for placing more of your grill towels, spatulas or other items. 4 heavy-duty caster wheels are easy to move or lock as needed. Make Royal Gourmet cooking station a fun way to start or end your beautiful day.


Packing size: 41.3"x25.2"x15.0"
Product size: 63.0"x22.8"x39.4"
N.W: 125.2 lbs
G.W: 138.2 lbs



l    800 SQUARE INCHES: 36’’ L x 22’’ W, 4.5 mm pre-seasoned steel surface, cooks 36 patties at once, Teppanyaki-style grilling.

l   65000 BTU: Five powerful burners (13,000 BTU each), start up with piezo ignition system. Perfect distance under griddle and engineered spacing between burners ensure reliable spark and even heating.

l   LUXURY DESIGN: Fully stainless-steel structure, made to last, lightweight and easy to clean.

l   COLLAPSIBLE SHELVES: Large fold-down side shelves, provide ample space for prep food, plates, seasonings when extended, and saves storage space after use.

l   REMOVABLE OIL PAN: Large capacity, fixed on one side shelf, for easier access. Removable for quick cleanup.