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Green Chili Burger Recipe

Green Chili Burger Recipe


Burger is one of the most popular choices in our cookouts. For those who love spicy food, the green chili burger is something you can’t miss.

In order to make a flavorful burger, it is suggested that you cook with a grill. You can’t compare the flavor from a stove or oven with it from a grill, especially for burgers. In another case, if you have a number of guests to feed in your home party, a large grill will do you a big favor.


Now here comes the recipe.

The ingredients you need to prepare are as follows:

1 avocado;

1 lemon;

Green chili;

Sliced tomato;


Ground beef;

Some pieces of cheese;

Salt and pepper.


It is really easy to make. First of all, you need to scoop the avocado out in a bowl. Squeeze the fresh lemon juice in it, and add a pinch of salt, impart a little more flavor to this. Mash the avocado well so that it’s ready to use. You can keep it in fridge while working with your burger.


Everytime light up your grill, don’t forget to preheat it.

Put as many grill chilies as you like, depending on how spicy you want your burger, and then grill them for a while. It won’t take much time, when the green chilies are becoming soft and charred a little outside, take them out, peel off the skin and remove the seeds. Cut the chilies into pieces and make them ready to use.


Then it comes to the burger part. Form the ground beef into patties, and sprinkle some salt and pepper, or any types of seasoning you like. Put the patties on grate and let it cook for about 5 minutes, during which don’t try to press your burger with spatula, as it may let the juice out. Flip the burger patties after 5 minutes. The same time when your burger is cooking, you can also put the buns on grill to get your buns lovely grill marks. One minute before the beef patties are done, cover them with some pieces of cheese, and close the lid to let the cheeses melt.


When the patties are ready, take them out and let them rest for about 1 minute. Simply, you put the patties on the bun, and add a piece or two of the green chili and sliced tomato, spread the mashed avocado evenly on the other bun and then just cover it. The flavorful green chili burgers are easily done.

If you are planning for your next cookout recipe, hope you get inspired from this savory green chili burger. It tastes phenomenal!



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