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Grill Sausage with Royal Gourmet

Grill Sausage with Royal Gourmet


Juicy, flavorful, inexpensive, sausages tend to be one of the ideal foods for the backyard grilling. Every griller will probably prepare some sausages for guests during the barbecue party. The sausages come in convenient size for serving, and require no seasoning or marinating, and they can be done within minutes. Sausages are, thus, favored by many people. However, it is always easier said than done. You may mess up with grilling sausages, if you are not doing it in a proper way.


In today’s recipe we are going to grill sausage with Royal Gourmet grills, and some important tips are introduced for making better sausages.


Ingredients you’ll need:

Your favourite sausages



Tools you’ll need:

Royal Gourmet Barbecue Tongs



Grills recommended:

Royal Gourmet CC1830F Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker

Royal Gourmet SG6002 6-Burner Gas Grill



Both Royal Gourmet gas grill and charcoal grill perform excellently in grilling sausages. The temperature control is the key.

Preheat your Royal Gourmet grill to high heat for 10 minutes. If you are using gas grill such as SG6002, simply turn on the fire with the control know and press the electronic ignition button will be fine.

With the charcoal grill CC1830F, you’ll need to fire up with Royal Gourmet chimney starter. Pile up the charcoals on one side of the grill to build up two heat zones.


After brushing and cleaning the grates, turn the temperature to low.


Pick up your favourite sausages and place them on grates over indirect heat. Some people like to have some cuts on their sausages, which I wouldn’t recommend, as this will lead to the loss of juices. You can either sprinkle some seasoning or not, and then let the grill do its job.


Remember not to grill sausages over direct high heat, since the meat and fat will expand fast and the casing breaks, resulting to a dry and juiceless sausage. Moreover, the exterior will be soon cooked while the center of the sausage is still raw. If your sausages are not pre-cooked ones, they are inedible in that case.

On the opposite, if you keep grilling the sausages over low heat, it will probably shrink from the outside after taking out from grill, which is also not delicious to eat.

Therefore, it is important to do it in moderation.


Royal Gourmet gas grills are all coming with easy control knobs and allowing for your easy temperature control. If you prefer charcoal grilling or smoking, the charcoal grill comes with the stack and air vent so that you can also monitor the temperature with ease.


After 5-8 minutes in grill, flip your sausages carefully with Royal Gourmet barbecue tongs, and let them cook for another 5-8 minutes and get these lovely grill marks.

Keep your lid down after flipping.

Once the sausages are well-cooked, take them out from grill and get ready to enjoy!

They are great in many dishes, and you can also make great sandwiches with these tasty sausages. After the moderate cooking with Royal Gourmet grill, the casings expand naturally but still not crack. The moment when you bite, the juice coming out from the sausage together with the delicious meat makes this sausage nothing but perfect.


If you haven’t grilled sausages successfully, try these tips next time with your Royal Gourmet grill. And you’ll surely impress all your guests in grill party! 

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