Smoky salmon stacks



In hot summer, cold smoky salmon fillets are good choice to make, especially an elegant salmon stack. It is a not only tasty but also enjoyable dish for you. Altough it costs lots of time, but it totally worth it. Let’s start smoking.





           Prep: 48h              

        Cook time: 3h          

Time to make it: 52h



1. Salt

2. Ice

3. Salmon fillets

4. Plastic wrap

5. Poppy seed

6. Lemon zest

7. Heirloom tomatoes

8. Avocado




  • Start with a good rinse on your salmon, and then pat it dry. Because the goal of next step is to  pull out as much moisture as possible.



Now the salmons needs to be compelely covered with salt. So just pat in on. And for better results, place them in the fridge for 48 hours before smoking.



It’s time to smoke. Load coals with our smoker and set an ice tray on the bottom rack of the smoker to keep our temperature as low as possible. Once the smoker starts rolling through and lay in the fillets for about an hour and half. During the process, try to keep the temperature from any high than 80 degrees.


Alright, the salmon is done smoking. Pull these off and it’s important to wrap the fillets in plastic wrap to help seal that smoky flavor. Then chill these in the fridge while we gather the ingredients for the salmon stacks.


Mix some poppy seed in the cream cheeze, and followed by a little lemon zest. Next, slice some heirloom tomatoes and avocade.


Once everything is gathered, it’s time to slice the salmon. First, slice a quarter portion from the fillet and remove it from the skin. Then put a nice multigrain cracker as our base, layer the tomoto and followed by a slice of avocade. After that, using two slices of salmon for evenness and mix a small dollop of our poppy cream cheese. For garnish well, add few rosemary leaves and some citrus zest.